Misfortune Spells




Voodoo Hell fire Curse Spell

During the entire time in which this curse is being cast, be sure to concentrate yourself in the blood lust and fury and anger towards the person that this spell is cast towards.

This spell will cause a person to be weakened considerably by the demons of hell.

When you are done, extinguish the candles.

Voodoo Hell fire Curse Spells will surely help you and you must have trust.


Voodoo Bad Karma Spells

Have you felt that you’re in hell you try everything bad nothing comes out.

My voodoo bad karma spells will help you

Start seeing new things.

And they are very simple to use stop living in shadows come get help remember you never the first:

Come seek help

you will not regret it.

Voodoo Bad Luck Charms

Worried by not getting what you want? Are you ready for a lucky streak or life changing? You have come to the right place! Dr. Kadu can cast Luck spells in your behalf and may help you win big in every aspect of your life!  Which of these Luck Spells is best for you?

Voodoo Luck Charm NecklaceVoodoo Money Charm Ring

Voodoo Life Protection Braceletb7dafd19ed10f71b0ae3385475a1b9d8

The misfortune spells are known to be the exact opposite of the Voodoo Good Luck spells.

These spells are equally powerful but brings a lot of bad luck and ill fate for the person on whom the spell has been cased on. There are three ways in which you can use these awesome misfortune spells to take revenge.

The first way is to cast the misfortune spells on the person so that he or she experiences a futile bad day of his or her life. You can use this spell on the special days of the person to ruin the hard work and have the sweet revenge that you were longing for some time.

But as you use them or use the voodoo charms you will be guaranteed great results.

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